What we’re about…

It’s taken a long time to come up with a clear picture of what we are about, but with this industry moving forward faster than ever before, it has made us quite clear about where we are and where we are going.

Over the years we have always stood out for our workmanship, honesty, cleanliness and we thought that being able to fix anything with an engine, was pretty clever. Now, there are big differences between vehicle repairers and we are happy that our choice to become diagnostic specialists on European vehicles is the niche that fits us.

Our aim is to be top Diagnostic Specialists on European vehicles in Australia. We already are, we’ve just been a bit quiet about it.

We’re a small team with the same goals – keep our clients safe, on the road and well informed.

Ludwig Sommer

A not so clever story about Ludwig…

LudwigEven though Ludwig was a European Master Mechanic when he met his future wife, he didn’t tell Nicola.

She had a pig of a car (sold to her by her brother-in-law) that kept needing expensive repairs – like a new engine and so on and on. Still he didn’t tell her, just let her keep breaking down. There came a point in his life when he needed to earn more money (baby on the way) he went out and started working as a mechanic.

Nicola was confused, a little angry, but relieved he was worthwhile, as he just casually explained he had been a mechanic for years and was just having a break…. aghh – Ludwig, has since stuck to the horse he knows best.


Contact us if you have any question about any of our services or experience on 07 3833 9600 or email team@sommercarcare.com.au